Anterix Announces the Launch of a New Integrated Platform to Drive Industrywide 900 MHz Private Broadband Innovation and Solutions

May 19, 2022

A Newly Established Utility Strategic Advisory Board, Comprised of Senior Utility Executives, Will Help Identify and Prioritize Platform Initiatives

WOODLAND PARK, N.J., May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Anterix (NASDAQ: ATEX) today announced the launch of an integrated platform to accelerate the scale benefits of a "network" of individual private broadband networks. At the center of this integrated platform will be a cloud-based 4G/5G core, enabling greater resilience and enhanced services between participating networks, including mutual aid, cybersecurity, shared infrastructure, and integration of distributed energy sources. The platform will also offer a development and innovation environment for the more than seventy-five leading technology companies in the Anterix Active Ecosystem, to drive products and services directly to utility network operators. A newly formed Utility Strategic Advisory Board (USAB), made up of senior utility executives, will help identify industry priorities and bring the benefits of collective action.

The initial platform initiatives will include:

  • Deployment of a 4G/5G cloud core to extend the capabilities of utilities own private broadband networks by bringing solutions such as private roaming to enable mutual aid, private to public roaming for increased resiliency and failover, and spectrum coordination.
  • Development of an enhanced multiband communications module to enable numerous members of our Active Ecosystem Program to provide lower cost and higher functionality products.
  • Integration of leading cybersecurity offerings to further enhance the existing private broadband security capabilities.
  • Launch of a connected lab environment, supported by utilities and vendors, which will provide collective utility-grade device testing and accelerate the integration of utility solutions.
  • Delivery of a public network roaming management solution that will make utility connectivity and management of devices simple, secure and flexible.

The initial Utility Strategic Advisory Board members that will play the lead role as the architects and the facilitators of this future are senior executives from Ameren, Dominion, Evergy, Exelon, Southern Linc, and the Utility Broadband Alliance. Whether it be the macro issues of resiliency, cybersecurity and decarbonization, or the sharing of infrastructure, talent, knowledge, and technology, the recognition that this "network" of individual networks can drive enhanced innovation and value to each utility and Anterix Active Ecosystem member is the goal of this effort. 

"While the core of our offering remains focused on providing the spectrum needed to enable utility private broadband networks, this transition to a broader suite of solutions is in response to our customers' needs. The premise of this effort is that we all are stronger together. This platform capitalizes on the utility industry's well-established culture of collaboration, providing our more than seventy-five Active Ecosystem members with the collective voice of their utility customers. As the USAB identifies the industry's needs, Anterix and the Active Ecosystem community are there to deliver," said Rob Schwartz, President & CEO of Anterix.

Ameren quote: "Ameren sees tremendous value for our customers in collaborating with others in the industry to drive innovation and scale in 900 MHz private LTE," said Bhavani Amirthalingam, Chief Digital Information Officer for Ameren. "When we work together, it will benefit individual companies and the sector as a whole. This includes enabling distributed energy through a smarter grid, including leading cyber capabilities, and creatively accessing talented resources."

Dominion Quote: "It's always beneficial to work with other utilities to address matters of industry-wide importance, and the adoption of private broadband and the solutions it can fuel is a great fit to apply this collaboration," said Dominion Energy's Steve Wooten, Vice President & Chief Information Officer. "Through the new Utility Strategic Advisory Board, we will help support a vibrant ecosystem of utility-centric innovations and solutions that are valuable to each utility individually and to the broader utility community as a collective."

Evergy quote: "The electric utility industry is known for its collaborative spirit, and adding a solutions platform informed by utility executives is a natural fit for that inclination," said Charles King, Chief Technology Officer of Evergy. "When our 900 MHz private LTE network is deployed, we clearly will benefit from working with other utilities, including our neighbor Ameren, where we share 25 counties, to identify and prioritize issues that will impact all of us."

Southern Linc quote: "We are ready to share the knowledge and experience we have gained operating a utility-focused private LTE network over the last several years. In the spirit of the industry's commitment to mutual aid, we look forward to working with Anterix and the utilities and technology developers they have gathered. We believe this integrated approach will drive benefits throughout the utility ecosystem," said Tami M. Barron, Southern Linc CEO.

­About Anterix
At Anterix, we are focused on delivering transformative private broadband that enables the modernization of critical infrastructure for the energy, transportation, logistics and other sectors of our economy. As the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) throughout the contiguous United States, plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, we are uniquely positioned to enable the private LTE solutions that support secure, sustainable, resilient and customer-controlled operations.

Forward-Looking Statements
Any statements contained in this press release that do not describe historical facts constitute forward-looking statements as defined under the Federal securities laws. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding the potential use cases and benefits to utilities of deploying private 900 MHz LTE broadband networks. Any such forward-looking statements are based on Anterix's current expectations and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause its actual future results to differ materially from its current expectations or those implied by the forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: (i) Anterix may not be successful in commercializing its spectrum assets to its targeted utility and critical infrastructure customers, on a timely basis and on favorable terms; (ii) Anterix may be unable to secure broadband licenses from the FCC on a timely and cost-effective basis; and (iii) the value of Anterix's spectrum assets may fluctuate significantly based on supply and demand, as well as technical and regulatory changes. These and other risk factors that may affect Anterix's future results of operations are identified and described in more detail in its filings with the SEC, including its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarterly period ended December 31, 2021, filed with the SEC on February 3, 2022. Accordingly, you should not rely upon forward-looking statements as predictions of future events or results. Except as required by applicable law, Anterix undertakes no obligation to update publicly or revise any forward-looking statements contained in this press release, whether as a result of any new information, changed circumstances or otherwise.

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