Enabling Environmental Evolution through Mission-Critical Infrastructure

At Anterix, we enable environmental evolution by modernizing critical infrastructure for energy, transportation, logistics, and other industries using private wireless broadband. At its core, our vision includes using our spectrum to provide the connectivity that will enable the U.S. to meet its decarbonization and electrification goals.

As much as we’re focused on creating a better environmental future through private LTE, we also aim to maintain positive social and governance practices that lead to better long-term business outcomes. With our core values – Integrity, Courage, Camaraderie, Transformative, and Excellence – as the backbone of our corporate culture, we work tirelessly to act as a responsible steward – to our employees, communities, and other stakeholders. Likewise, our forward-looking governance framework provides transparency into our business practices and robust oversight of those practices at the board of directors and management levels.

Learn more about how we integrate ESG into our mission by reviewing our Environmental Social and Governance Update.

We’re committed to driving environmental sustainability, building an inclusive organization, and maintaining a high standard of corporate governance.

—Rob Schwartz
President & CEO, Anterix